Medical Practice Virtual Receptionist

Reduce Cost, Increase Productivity

Medical Practice Virtual Receptionists & Virtual Assistants

Medical practice that want to be receptive without having to hire a full-time employee or intake specialist may find cloud-based phone answering services attractive. Veta medical practice virtual receptionist can also help you manage an overflow condition when no one at the firm is able to respond to phone calls. Our medical practice live answering service provides phone call answering solutions for your small business.

How to Choose Medical Practice Virtual Receptionists

5 Steps to Choosing a Virtual Receptionist for your medical practice

1. Decide whether you’ll need a dedicated group of receptionists.

Phone answering companies frequently employ hundreds or even thousands of receptionists to answer incoming calls. When someone answers, they will receive a script with your customized greeting and (certainly) a pronunciation guide, but they won’t learn anything about your company.

Veta virtual receptionist assigns you a small team that is experienced to handle the calls and work with you to educate them on call handling.

2. Assessing your needs

It’s tempting to believe that 24 hour virtual receptionist is superior, but there may be drawbacks.

Some businesses, for example, employ local receptionists during regular business hours, but remote call centers in other time zones for overnight shifts.

If you want specialized legal answering services, Veta virtual answering services should be your first choice.

3. Do you need a virtual assistant too ?

You may hire a virtual receptionist just to take calls, but many of them provide other services such as appointment scheduling and confirmation, client intake, live chat, or even accepting payments and signing retainer agreements. Some services may cost you additional money beyond the amount of time.


Virtual Receptionist Features

Some virtual receptionist services, on the other hand, come with additional features like client intake or appointment scheduling. Availability varies, as does the service’s timeliness. Some virtual receptionists are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while others are only available during office hours (typically extended to accommodate several North American time zones).

Market Research

Have your virtual assistant do web research for you so that you may gather information from the internet notices, chat rooms, forums, blogs, and other databases. Virtual assistants can aid you in achieving organizational objectives while also assisting with other duties along the way.

Website Update

A transcription service assistant may assist in converting speech to a written or electronic text document. Your virtual assistants could handle all of your transcription work, including the minor details.

Lead Generation

You may hire Virtual Assistants to help you build databases of leads and contacts in any area you choose.

Marketing Content Management

You can maximize your company's growth by having your virtual assistant create and manage content to utilize with your marketing campaigns. Outsourcing data entry work may be beneficial for any business in Canada, since it saves time and allows you to focus on more important tasks. It will cut down on low-priority data entry activities while also allowing you to devote more attention to your core business operations.

Daily Business and Personal Scheduler

Your personal assistant can assist on daily business and personal tasks, they can do scheduling appointments, personal errands, time consuming administrative work, pick up your phone calls, travel arrangements, and research, typing, compiling and preparing reports, email management, presentations and correspondence etc.

Data Entry

Assistants can assist the rest of your marketing team with procedures like data entry, administrative tasks, scheduling meetings, creating content, and managing social media accounts. Assistants may be required to analyze various pricing elements for potential marketing initiatives and manage existing campaigns by sifting relevant information from the marketing, sales, and advertising teams.

Veta Virtual’s answering services offer a wide range of capabilities on your calls

Inbound Calls

Add your personal touch with custom greetings.

Call Screening and Forwarding

No more spam calls. if it's important, we will forward it to you.

Outbound Calls

Follow-ups, appointment reminders, call-backs; It's all included.

Appointment Scheduling

We schedule future calls with clients so you don’t have to.

Call Overflow

We pick up calls that you are too busy to answer.

Call Notes And Summaries

We summarize each call and email the details to you after.

What Are The Advantages To Hiring
Virtual Assistants For You Company?

A ideal virtual assistant specializes in a certain area or be able to complete several jobs. They should have worked for different sorts of businesses as well as the ability to adjust to various settings.

Hiring a virtual assistant does not require any modification to your company’s physical space, since they work remotely.

Using a virtual assistant can save you time and money. You don’t have to go through a lengthy hiring or interview process very often. And you may save money by employing a virtual assistant as an as-needed contract worker rather than a full-time salaried employee.

Hiring a virtual assistant may help you be more productive while also assuring that clients get prompt answers. For example, if you are too busy to respond promptly to customer questions, a virtual assistant may assist you with this duty. 

We will send you a weekly or monthly report on your talented virtual assistants activities. All of the activities are tracked in our software down to the minutes. This way you can make sure all of the hours tracked are accurate.

We accept payment with all major credit cards. And your rate depends on the number of hours needed per week and the complexity of tasks you are looking to accomplish.

Most of our virtual assistants are experienced and skilled in providing great customer service. If you are not happy with your virtual assistant, you can contact our customer success team and we will find a solution for you.

You can communicate using phone, email, text, audio, video chat, or instant messaging software.

We make sure our remote receptionist help your business grow! Simply pick a plan that fits your call volume, follow the signup form and the welcome email, then you are good to go! Our experienced receptionist will begin taking your calls.

Your usage time with our live assistant is calculated by adding up the Call Time and After-Call Work Time (when we type the call notes and send them to you) which equals the Total Handle Time. For example, if the call lasted 30 seconds and it took our receptionist 30 seconds to send out the call notes, you will be billed for 1 minute of usage. We always charge up to the exact second so we won’t round up the time like other assistant services. We train our agents properly, give them the most efficient systems and processes so they can work fast, and minimize your bill!

Yes you can! It is free to change your plan and we encourage you to plan ahead and determine how many minutes you need on a month to month basis. We will also monitor your usage and pick out the best plan for you so you will have the most efficient bill with the less wasted minutes.

If you need a custom plan that is not currently offered in the pricing list, please tell us what you need and we can find a way to work with you!

Transferred calls don’t count towards your usage so you don’t have to worry about getting charged extra.

Yes, you can choose to forward your calls to us whenever you like, whether it is part-time or when you are too busy to answer calls (call overflow).

We currently have 3 different options:

  1. Forward customer calls calls to us using your existing phone provider. We recommend you using a service like Grasshopper or Google Voice to host your business number
  2. We can provide a new phone number for you to publish online
  3. Port your existing phone number to us

Our receptionist will use a custom greeting that you provide, take down all relevant information, answer questions on your behalf, transfer calls if needed, and send you a call summary after each call. Most of the time, your clients won’t even know they are talking to a virtual receptionist because our agents act like your in house receptionist to provide the best experiences for your callers.

Yes we can, we can work with the calendar software you are currently using to schedule appointments for you.

We will adapt our call handling to both your business and your needs, you can customize and set up how you want your business calls to be transferred by simply putting the rules in the call instruction. We can either ask you first before transferring the call or transfer based on pre written instruction.

You may update us on your location or whereabouts whenever you like using email. It will make the customer and call feel more personal when we say “Kevin is at the bank right now, but I am happy to take a message for him or offer you his voicemail box”.

Please check out our services here. We also provide virtual assistant services to our clients as well, this includes general admin, market research, email management, calendar management, data entry, and much more than any call center industry.

In order to provide you and your customers the best experiences, we provide a maximum of 5 to 6 dedicated receptionists to your business. We do this so you can get experienced agents who know your business already unlike other virtual receptionist providers who will assign any free agents to your account.