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What Can Our Virtual receptionist Do For you?

Veta Virtual’s answering services offer a wide range of capabilities on your calls

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Inbound Calls

Add your personal touch with custom greetings.

Outbound Calls

Follow-ups, appointment reminders, call-backs; It's all included

Call Overflow

We pick up calls that you are too busy to answer.

Call Screening And Forwarding

No more spam calls. if it's important, we will forward it to you

Appointment Scheduling

We schedule future calls with clients so you don’t have to.

Call Notes And Summary

We summarize each call and email the details to you after.

save time
with automation

Every call that goes to your voicemail but doesn’t leave a message, is a lost opportunity.

That’s where a virtual receptionist comes in. Veta Virtual’s live virtual receptionists are real people. Real people making real connections with your callers that help your business grow.

Listen To Our Virtual Receptionist At Work

Awesome team!

Andy’s team is experienced, friendly, personal and tailored to my clients. They are definitely people you want to be working with in your business.
Aaron Sze

100% recommend to SMB owners

If you are looking for a service that's not ridiculously expensive but with the highest quality of work - I recommend Veta Virtual. I was hesitant to use them at first as they started recently. However, it changed my mind as they have such amazing customer service with great platforms. I will 100% recommend to small business owners - very reliable and fast.
Sunghoon Kim

How Veta Virtual Stands Out


$319 / Month

100 Minutes Included


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$149 / Month

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$210 / month

100 Minutes Included

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Our dedicated receptionist handle your calls and deliver personalized experiences to your customers, all at a fraction of the cost. We help you grow your business and free up your time.

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