What are Medical Virtual Assistants and What Do They Do?

Virtual assistants, while often associated with executives or business owners, may be extremely beneficial in a variety of other circumstances.

In fact, anybody seeking to cut repetitive activities or get assistance for tasks outside their area of expertise can benefit from a virtual assistant. A medical remote assistant, for example, might help healthcare providers with a range of duties.

Who Can Benefit from a Virtual Medical Office Assistant?

A medical assistant can assist with much more than a general practitioner doctor. Anyone who works in healthcare may profit from the assistance of a VA, including surgeons, specialists, house call physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, dentists, and veterinarians.

In case you collaborate with others, you may want to engage a medical VA to help you manage your entire operation. Although each team member may only require a little support, the sum of their combined hours of labor might be much more than that of one person.

This includes groups of people at clinics, urgent care centers, group practices, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and much more.

Medical VA Tasks

A virtual medical office assistant can complete almost any task that does not necessitate special medical knowledge. The following are some examples of jobs that you may outsource to your VA, but there may be other unique tasks at your practice that you might delegate.

Administrative Tasks

You may not realize how much time you spend on administration until you add up all of the little chores that an online assistant might perform. Tasks may include:

  • General Office Duties
  • Research – Following up with patients or physicians
  • Scheduling Meetings – Asking about availability and lining up calendars for both internal employees and external clients. Alternatively, you may use a scheduling assistant so that meetings are confirmed on the other end without having to contact your employees personally.
  • Scheduling Appointments – Sending reminders and confirming appointments
  • Filing – Whether you need to file away patient records or simply organize paperwork, a VA can help

Medical Scribe and Transcription

You may locate an assistant with expertise doing data entry for electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR). The VA can join you in the examination room and chart the examination in real time, thanks to encrypted video conferencing software. This will allow you to obtain additional information to fill out paperwork.

In other cases, you may like to record dictation during or after an appointment. The assistant can transcribe this information into the patient’s chart.

Remote Receptionist

Your virtual receptionist can take calls, respond to messages, and pass on only the most pressing calls to you. The same assistant may perform other duties while waiting for phone calls to come in.

There are a number of benefits to this method. For one thing, you’ll be able to answer your phones on time every time. Second, the person on the other end of the line will always be the same, which is ideal for fostering connections with patients. Finally, having someone screen your calls can save you a lot of time if you frequently get calls from prospective patients and other members of your practice.

Patients may choose to contact you by email, text, or live chat on your website. With a remote assistant, it’s all feasible.

Insurance Tasks

Your VA can handle all patient insurance submission issues. The delay in verification and the requirement for claims processing may be eliminated. In addition, your VA can check patients’ eligibility in advance to preauthorize treatments as needed.


A virtual medical assistant can handle invoicing, paying bills, and payroll administration. The VA can also generate financial reports to help you keep track on expenses and forecast cash flow.


Without some marketing, it’s hard to attract new patients and develop your business. An assistant can update your website to keep it current and user-friendly, handle your social media accounts, and reply to the comments you receive. A VA may set up campaigns to target individuals in your region if you want to actively look for new clients.

Tech Support

A virtual employee can help with both you and your patients if you experience challenges during online appointments. The assistant may also install new medical software and educate your staff on how to use it.

Benefits of a Medical VA

You’ve put in years of hard work to get where you are today. You’re squandering your talents if you spend even a fraction of your day on administrative chores and other routine tasks that anyone without medical training can accomplish. Contracting a VA to handle these duties has several advantages.

Spend More Time with Patients

There’s no need to hurry through appointments in order to get back to your paperwork when you have enough time. Instead, you may truly listen to patients and give a thorough examination. This might allow you to include more appointments into your day, which is critical for expanding your practice.

Provide a Better Service

Spending more time with your patients allows you to consider their needs and provide a superior service. You and your team members can focus on what you do best, leaving the rest to your assistant. As a result, you’ll have happier, healthier patients who will recommend you to their friends and family and give excellent reviews for your business.

Take Care of Your Own Health

Working in a medical field is both stressful and time-consuming, which can have a detrimental impact on your health. It’s more likely you’ll get stressed if you try to tackle too much if you work in the healthcare industry.

A remote assistant may assist with keeping your workload manageable, allowing you to rest while also reducing your likelihood of taking sick days.

Free Up Time for Other Activities

There’s more to life than just work. You may spend more time with your family and pursue your interests with a online assistant. You could also use your free time to acquire new skills or do research and advance your profession.

Medical Remote Assistant vs Personal Assistant

Hiring a VA has several advantages when compared to hiring a personal assistant.

Save Money

Hiring a personal assistant is more expensive than hiring a virtual medical assistant. You only pay for the time you employ as a VA is not considered an employee. There’s no need to stick to a contract of a set number of hours each week or month, so you can expand as necessary. Plus, there are no additional costs involved.

No Training Necessary

Virtual medical assistants must be up to date on new developments in their industry. They’ll also get training through their employer if they work for an agency. All you have to do is decide what tasks to give the VA and tailor the onboarding process to your own clinic.

Greater Flexibility

You may easily hire a second VA if your business expands and new duties are required. You might want to employ VAs with distinct specialties depending on the needs of your practice.

No Need for Office Space

If you have little space at your clinic, housing a personal assistant may be difficult. There’s no need for a desk or other equipment if a VA never comes to your workplace.

Experience Working Virtually

At the time, there are a lot of medical experts working remotely and providing services such as telemedicine. It’s preferable to locate someone who knows how to work remotely than to have a personal assistant assist you online.

Find Someone Immediately

A virtual medical assistant can begin working immediately. All you have to do is create a contract and identify the duties you want assistance with.

Does a Healthcare VA Need a Medical Background?

Many medical Virtual Assistants have a healthcare background. Registered nurses, medical assistants, and medical billing and coding experts can all be VAs. Other medical assistants have acquired healthcare expertise and now focus on assisting doctors.

In any case, a healthcare-based virtual assistant must be HIPAA compliant. You must feel confident that the VA will keep your patient information private and handle data in an appropriate manner.

It’s also crucial to provide attention to detail. It is critical that your patients’ charts, medical coding, and insurance information are free of errors. Even a small blunder might have serious ramifications. As a result, most businesses and agencies hire VAs based on simple tests that evaluate their accuracy and other talents before hiring them.

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