Virtual Reception: Everything from what it is to why you need it

When was the last time your phone rang while you were working on a project? How many new jobs do you think you’ve lost this month because you couldn’t answer the phone? Or perhaps, neglected to reply back to them? It’s probable that you missed out on a few. Perhaps a lot of them.

If you’re sick of answering calls yourself, a virtual receptionist could be exactly what you need. They can handle all your calls professionally and deliver great customer service. Plus, our team is based in Australia, so you can trust that the service will be high quality. And if you only need it sometimes, no problem, you can turn the service on and off to fit your business’ needs.

Wondering how virtual reception services actually work? Virtual Receptionist nyc team has pulled everything you need to know.

What is a virtual reception service?

virtual reception service entails hiring a dedicated customer care employee to handle routine customer service tasks. The virtual reception team takes calls to your business number (or mobile). An experienced customer care specialist then answers the phone. Depending on your company and how you want to deal with clients, they will respond differently to each call.

Our team of receptionists have a wide variety of experience in trades, meaning they can handle any questions thrown their way with confidence and accuracy.

A virtual receptionist is more flexible than a traditional one in that you can use the services only when needed. This makes it ideal for various business needs, such as:

  • Available Monday through Friday, 9 to 5
  • When you’re away or without phone service, listen to your messages when you want.
  • Easter or Christmas break
  • Covering leave or unavailability of current staff

You can also pick whether the virtual receptionist will handle only messages or manage the whole booking process. And there’s flexibility to modify it as your company’s needs change.

Why do I need a virtual receptionist?

1. You can get more work opportunities

Using a virtual reception service means that when you’re working on a job, out of service, or otherwise unavailable, your calls will be answered. And you won’t have to call everyone back at the end of a long day. Your virtual receptionist can handle all of your calls while focusing on exceptional client care.

They’ll work with you to customize call scripts so that they may reflect your organization and brand, as well as personalize customer service. They can provide a comprehensive range of services, such as taking phone calls, qualifying jobs, scheduling appointments, and collecting payments.

2. You can spend more time focusing on the tools or in the company.

With a virtual reception, you may provide timely replies and excellent customer service to your clients without having to be personally involved.

Answering the phone and getting back to customers can be a hassle, but with Proof, you can worry less about that and focus on other aspects of your business. Or maybe you can finally take weekends and holidays off without stressing. And most of all, they can help you improve your bottom line in business which increases productivity.

3. You’ll have complete control over how your use

The flexibility of a one-stop wedding package lets you choose the hours and services that best suit your needs. They might range from a one-hour lunch break to a full day of service.

This may allow existing office/admin staff to focus on additional value-add activities (e.g. marketing or procurement), and you don’t have to worry about any new payroll/employer obligations. You can also expand or reduce the service as needed to correspond with your company’s rhythms and demands.

What tasks can a virtual receptionist do?

Unlike a call answering service, a virtual receptionist can handle numerous responsibilities associated with receiving and scheduling calls. All of these activities may be tailored to reflect your company’s services, procedures, and preferences. Virtual reception services can include:

  • Answering or following up on incoming calls
  • Providing information about your services
  • Qualifying potential jobs
  • Providing a range of prices
  • Booking jobs
  • A system to manage bookings for a team

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