6 Ways Virtual Receptionists Help Law Offices and Attorneys

If you run a law firm, you’re probably wondering how virtual receptionists can help instead of having multiple in-house secretaries.

Virtual receptionist San Francisco team have explained some important points. Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits your company could take advantage of by using a virtual receptionist. You or someone at your company would have to have direct experience with one to understand how effective they are.

Positive Feedback and Client Retention

Virtual receptionists are customer service professionals who interact with your clients via phone or the Internet.

They are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and creating a positive first impression for your law firm. Virtual receptionists can help increase client satisfaction and retention rates by providing reassuring, professional, and compassionate support.

Apprehensive of Confidentiality

Virtual receptionists are the perfect solution for businesses whose clients regularly seek legal counsel. Not only will they take on the burden of ensuring confidentiality, but they are already trained in how to deal with a multitude of confidentiality issues for all types of businesses.

By following best practices and setting your client’s concerns as their top priority, virtual receptionists will help put your mind at ease.

Cost Efficiency

You would have to pay more per hour or salary basis for an in-house receptionist in contrast to a virtual one. Virtual receptionists only charge for the time they actually spend answering your calls, as opposed to requiring payment for less work implemented.

You can also avoid purchasing equipment needed to employ a full-time staff member if you switch to a virtual collector of calls.

Talk With Real People About Real Concerns

Many of our clients come to us feeling very frantic and anxious about their legal matters. However, talking with someone experienced in dealing with the anxiety and mixed emotions that come from legal adversity can help ease tensions.

We have an attorney answering service who are experienced with addressing these concerns. Your clients do not have to navigate through galaxies of automated systems that essentially say, “Press 1 or 2 if you…” and the list goes on for roughly 30 minutes.

Addressing Multilingual Issues

If your law firm operates in a multilingual area, an attorney answering service will be able to communicate with your clients. For example, if you have Spanish or Chinese speaking clientele, we can connect them with a receptionist that speaks their language.

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