Should Bloggers Hire a Virtual Receptionist?

Though blogging provides bloggers with opportunities for creativity, income and name recognition, the stress that comes from this job is often underestimated.

A big part of blogging involves not just writing quality content, but also taking care of administrative tasks and marketing yourself. With so much time going into your blogs, the last thing you should have to worry about is what goes on behind the scenes.

Here are three reasons compiled by Virtual receptionist LA team about why it’s worth considering hiring a virtual receptionist to help out.


As we discussed before, once your name becomes more well-known, you will be in high demand! People have stories to cover and products that they want you to talk about. Attempting to complete everyone else’s tasks while simultaneously working on your own project can be extremely daunting .

To lighten your load a bit , consider hiring a virtual receptionist. This way, you can focus on doing what you do best without having the added stress of attending to requests immediately.

Virtual receptionists are known for have a lot of distinct qualities like being professional, friendly and detailed when taking messages, meaning  you don’t have to worry about missing important calls. Plus, all of the incoming calls will be compiled into one neat little batch for easy accessibility later.


If you want to be a successful blogger, know that research comes with the territory. Hunting down quality sources can take hours and leave you feeling exhausted, but it’s all worth it in the end when people are reading your content and enjoying it.

If you’re wanting your brand to expand, look no further than a virtual receptionist! With hiring one, you can focus on honing your craft and content rather than getting bogged down by the day-to-day tasks that break up your time and zap your creativity.


Keeping track of everything going on can be overwhelming, especially with other tasks piling up on top of it. A virtual receptionist can help with organizing your schedule, and delegating tasks to others if needed.

They also work well in managing projects and making sure everything is running smoothly and on time. Relying on a virtual receptionist will make you feel more confident about handling all that comes with the job, leaving room for you to focus on what truly matters: creating quality content for your readers.

In the end, the decision is ultimately up to you. But don’t underestimate the benefits of hiring a virtual receptionist and freeing up some time and stress in your busy blogging schedule. You deserve it!

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