How Much Does A Virtual Receptionist Cost?

Virtual receptionist costs can vary widely. Here at Veta Virtual, we’ve set our virtual receptionist pricing with an eye towards flexibility, affordability, and providing the best value possible. 

  • Our true live receptionist will bridge your business phone line to a call center, where they will be greeted by our courteous and professional staff.
  • When your company receives a call, they’ll answer it personally in your business name and work with the caller on your behalf.
  • virtual receptionist will manage your voicemail for you and pass on any relevant messages, so you don’t have to listen to an overflowing mailbox ever again.
  • Chemically soothing your thoughts prevents you from opportunities, and also provides the benefits of freeing up time and energy.
  • Our live receptionist may make the process of scheduling an appointment with you simpler in the event that the caller needs to schedule a meeting with you. A meeting scheduling tool is included, which allows you to indicate when and where you are available for meetings.
  • They do this by providing you with a assistant who possesses all of the qualities that you need in order to stay on task and be successful. This allows your business to not only survive, but thrive while relieving stress.

Why a Virtual Receptionist is the Best Option 

But is a virtual receptionist right for you and your business? To help reach a conclusion, Virtual receptionist Texas veterans have compared the value of a virtual receptionist against other popular business phone options.

  1. You don’t need to hire a virtual receptionist if you want to save money each month. Virtual assistants are more expensive than paying nothing and listing your cell as the business line, but they do not necessarily cost more than hiring someone physically in another city or country.
  2. However, this solution has a lot of pressure. You’ll be left scrambling to deal with every incoming call and message on your own, making it more difficult to focus and potentially resulting in calls that are rushed or distracted, dissatisfied clients, and lost revenue.
  3. It doesn’t end when you leave the office, though. Even at home, business calls will continue unless you turn your phone off completely. Subjectively, that is already bad enough, but it also costs financially.
  4. You’re not utilizing that time for other essential business activities if you spend many hours each day managing your phone on your own. This might result in less development for your company over time.
  5. In many situations, the money you put down for a virtual receptionist is dwarfed by the additional revenue you give up. The investment in a better phone system (and a better call experience) frees you up to produce more than you spend in the long run.
  6. The next option is a regular old-school receptionist. With a salary easily over $30,000 annually, this isn’t going to save you any money. Even if you could manage to pay for full-time staff, there are many instances in which hiring virtual assistance would actually be more beneficial than an on-site hire .
  7. This means you may save a lot of money without jeopardizing your company’s reputation.


Many businesses owners become perplexed about the most cost-effective answer to their phones as they become simpler to start.

Eventually, choosing to answer your phone calls yourself may not have an upfront cost, but it is costly in terms of opportunity. In other words, you’re missing out on chances to make money by handling the call yourself. A virtual receptionist would be a wiser investment in the long run since you have seen the reasons above.

A full-time receptionist costs more money than most small businesses can afford, and requires renting a physical office space.

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