Common Questions People Frequently Ask About Virtual Receptionists

The traditional concept of a receptionist might not0 be readily apparent when considering adopting a virtual reception service for your business. Below, Virtual receptionist LA experts answer some common questions from business owners and managers exploring this option.

When you juggle calls for numerous businesses, how do you know when the call is intended for my business?

We stay up-to-date with the latest call management technology so that we can identify each caller and answer the calls using your chosen script, whether they’re calling from a desk phone, mobile phone, or computer.

When you answer a business call, what do you want your potential customers to hear?

We personalize and tailor our call center conversations to each business, using call scripts to make sure your customers always receive accurate information. This way, we can also represent your business exactly how you want us to.

A call script is a document that outlines what we should say, questions we should ask when answering a call or making a job booking. This allows us to be more efficient and confident on the phone, providing a better experience for both our clients and ourselves.

Call scripts are completely customized to enhance customer experience. During the service set-up, we will review the information and scripts you provide as well as become familiar with your desired interactions with customers. Based on our experience and best practice, we may also suggest script and process improvements .

How will I be notified about bookings or messages that need my attention?

Based on your communication preferences, we will customize how often we reach out to you, whether it be through email or another medium.

The format and information included in these communications will also be tailored to what you want or need. To keep everyone up-to-date on bookings, we can use a shared calendar or more advanced job management software.

In addition, we send our clients monthly reports that detail the caller’s name and contact information, what the call was about, what action was taken, and any other relatable comments.

What do you do if you don’t know the answer to a caller’s question?

Our top priority is accuracy. If we aren’t sure of the answer to a question, we’ll follow up with the caller after confirming details. When appropriate, we might take a provisional booking and make it clear to customers that they will receive another call from us if service can’t be provided as expected.

We will help you out by working through some of these scenarios together as part of the set-up process. You can customize how we manage these sorts of circumstances and exceptional cases to better suit your needs.

We don’t want your business to fall behind, so when new questions or circumstances come up, we update our scripts and training. Our documentation is always updated to make sure we can deliver the best possible outcome for your customers and business.

How soon can I have my calls forwarded when I switch on call divert?

After your dedicated phone line is live, you don’t need to give any notice to turn on the diversion. Our call management software will identify when an incoming call is for your business, and we will always be ready to handle your calls promptly.

If you have any specific instructions, you can let us know at least a few minutes in advance. For example, if you need us to cover your calls but don’t want us to take bookings, we can do that. The virtual reception service offers maximum flexibility to meet your business needs.

Our virtual reception packages are tailored to your call volume needs and can be adjusted accordingly each month.

If no one is available to answer calls for my business, what happens?

You will never have to worry about calls going unanswered during business hours. not only will every member of our team be familiar with your scripts, but we use call management software that integrates with our mobile phones. This way, even if we are out of the office for a few minutes, we can still answer calls for your business.

If you have any problems with your phone lines, our team will be more than happy to check and action your voicemails as needed.

If someone calls your business outside of regular hours, what will happen?

If you would like your calls to be answered by a receptionist outside of usual business hours, we can customize our voicemail service to better suit your needs.

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