Best Guide To Hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant

Although it may begin as a small business, selling on Amazon might quickly consume a significant amount of your time. Many of the activities you must perform are likely to be ordinary and require little knowledge about your company.

You could wind up spending hours on these duties, time that could be better spent developing your business. There is a solution to this problem: hire an Amazon virtual assistant.

In this comprehensive Amazon assistant hiring guide, Veta virtual team will look at when and how you should employ one. We’ll also go through how to handle the person you hire and whether the assistant you pick is appropriate for your company.

What Does an Amazon VA Do?

An Amazon VA is a person who works remotely for any tasks related to your Amazon company, full time, part time, or just a few hours each week. An assistant may also assist with activities that you are unable to complete on your own.

1. Administrative Tasks

Administrative tasks are a large part of running an Amazon company. You may use an Amazon VA to help you with things like order processing and FBM orders management.

2. Customer Service

Depending on your company, you may spend many hours dealing with customers or you could hand it all over to Amazon. If you rely on Amazon for customer service, you might be losing out on a chance to see significant development. An assistant can assist you by performing duties such as:

  • Creating templates to input into the message system
  • Answering queries in a timely manner with accurate information about your products, shipping procedures, and anything else customers want to know
  • Responding appropriately to reviews, both positive and negative
  • Matching reviews to orders and taking any necessary action
  • Dealing with refunds

3. Product Sourcing

It’s tough to find a good supplier for your company. After all, it requires time and effort. If you want an assistant to handle this task for you, be sure they have some expertise or are ready to devote some time teaching.

Even better, you may be able to locate someone who knows new strategies for purchasing wholesale items and who is skilled at negotiating with vendors. This might be the key to growing your product variety while decreasing expenses.

4. Market Research

You may get a better idea of how to develop by performing market research. A remote assistant can look at what your rivals are selling and which Amazon goods are doing the best.

Your virtual employee will also keep an eye on your listings. This is useful for determining whether sales of a certain product begin to drop, when it’s time to lower your prices, and how you might increase sales.

5. Copywriting

A copywriting-focused assistant will be an incredible assistance in generating new product descriptions. The VA can also help you improve your Amazon listings to make them more appealing to customers and boost your visibility.

A good understanding of keyword research is essential for an Amazon seller assistant who is appropriate for the task. The VA should also understand how to integrate keywords into product descriptions in such a manner that the copy still seems natural.

Even better if you can locate an assistant who has prior email marketing expertise. Your VA may also create and send customers who want further information about your products or new releases a newsletter.

6. Translating

If you want to sell on an Amazon market for another nation, a virtual person who is fluent in more languages than just English may be able to help. This might include interacting with consumers as well as translating product descriptions.

6. Photography

Customers notice the photograph of a listing first. An assistant with expertise in photography can take superior pictures, edit your current photos, and increase the amount of photographs for each of your items.

8. Amazon Ad Campaigns

If you advertise on Amazon, you’ll reach a wider audience. A virtual person with campaign-building expertise could be quite helpful.

This can be done by utilizing Amazon’s seller tools. They’ll set up campaigns using Seller Central software, add negative key words to cut unneeded spending, monitor analytics to assess campaign performance, and make necessary ad adjustments.

9. Fulfillment

An Amazon FBA assistant may do a whole lot more than just ship items to Amazon for shipment. Inventory management, tracking packages, downloading barcodes and shipping labels for objects, and confirming that there are no missing aspects are all part of the job.

When Is the Right Time to Hire an Amazon VA?

If your firm requires the services of a VA, you should consider doing so.

If you’re still not sure if it’s worth hiring an Amazon assistant, make a list of everything you do every week and the amount of time you invest on each. Now consider which of these tasks you could outsource to a VA. Sum up all the time you’d spend on these items normally, this is additional leisure time that may be devoted to generating even more income.

How to Choose Which Tasks to Outsource

Using the same list, determine where you need the most assistance. Consider:

  • What consumes the most of your time?
  • Which tasks are the most monotonous?
  • What activities someone else could do better than you?

Clear understanding of what tasks you want your Amazon assistant to complete will help you locate someone with the proper skills. If you have a large number of tasks that span a broad range of topics, it may be advantageous to hire more than one Amazon VA.

Where to Find Amazon Virtual Assistant’s

After you’ve decided that you require a remote assistant, the next step is to locate the best one for your company. This leads us to Amazon’s remote assistant hiring procedure. The first step is to look in the proper places:

1. VA Agencies

There may be a large number of prospective candidates, such as experienced Amazon FBA virtual assistants, available through a VA organization. Hiring through an agency is also a safe and sure option, with the assurance of high-quality results. The greatest benefit, however, is that you may replace your VA at any moment.

2. Freelance Platforms

Use a freelance platform if you’d prefer to do the vetting yourself. You’ll be able to search for someone who has the abilities you require and read reviews from other firms that utilized the VA.

3. Direct Hire

Your last alternative is to look for a direct hire. Job sites, social media, and recommendations are all good places to seek for individuals.

How to Interview Amazon VA’ s

The interview process varies depending on where you choose to find your assistant. You may often avoid the interview procedure if you hire through an agency.

You won’t have to research several VAs on your own; instead, you’ll tell the agency what duties you need an Amazon VA to perform. You will then be matched with the best person for the position.

In the scenario you work with a freelancing platform, make a job posting that specifies the key duties of the VA. It’s a good idea to include some questions in your job post.

Candidates may answer these questions to demonstrate that they are qualified for the position. It will also show that they’ve read the whole post. Both users may apply for a job on platforms, and you can search for them yourself.

Once you’ve discovered a few people, interview them. Inquire about their experiences and abilities in greater detail. You may be required to conduct the interview on the platform itself, whether just through messages or with video chat.

It’s similar to hiring a freelancer through a platform, in that you have the option of creating a job ad and weeding out unsuitable prospects. However, you have greater leeway in how you conduct interviews.

You may even request that the assistant communicate with you on Zoom Or you can ask to provide virtual receptionist services. This is useful for ensuring that the VA has a decent internet connection, which may be required depending on your needs.

What Should You Expect to Pay an Amazon VA?

The cost of an Amazon VA is determined by several factors, such as the kinds of work you want to outsource, the experience of the assistant, and where the VA resides. You should anticipate to pay someone in another country $5 per hour at a minimum, while someone in the United States will charge approximately $15 an hour.

VA’ s are a good fit for this sum because they can help you with administration, fulfillment, and customer care responsibilities. You’ll pay more for tasks that need talent and experience, such as photography, market research, and developing ad campaigns.

Managing a Remote Amazon VA

All you have to do now is hire the perfect remote assistant once you’ve found one.


If you have a particular method for accomplishing tasks, your virtual assistant will require some training. A list of directions may be sufficient for simple projects or you might want to make a tutorial film for more complicated jobs.

You’ll also need to provide your VA with information about your company and its products. If you’re going to have a VA carry out customer service activities, this is especially important.


It’s critical to determine how you and your remote assistant will communicate from the outset. Using a business communication solution, particularly if you must frequently reply or involve other members of your team in conversations, may be beneficial.

If the VA is responsible for a large number of duties, project management software might be beneficial. Email and video conferences may enough while delivering more regular work.

Time Tracking

Time-tracking software is frequently used by small business owners with their Amazon seller assistants. This will show you how much time your VA spends on each activity and ensure that you only pay for time spent working.

Paying Your VA

If you hired your VA through a third party, such as an agency or freelance service, the payment is straightforward; you can pay with a credit card and there are no international payments costs.

There’s also no need to be concerned that the VA will vanish after you’ve paid for it, since funds will only be released to the VA once the work is done.

You’ll have to talk about salary and compensation plans with the VA if you hire a direct hire. If both of you are in the United States, a bank transfer is the easiest choice.

Paying someone abroad is now far easier than it was previously. You have considerably better alternatives than Western Union or PayPal when sending money across borders. With newer services

Time Off

There’s no need to negotiate time off if you’re hiring an Amazon online assistant for a few hours each week. However, if you want your VA to work full-time or part-time but for set periods of time, take into account your needs.

If you’re hiring a remote assistant from abroad, keep in mind that she may want to take several days off per year and will most likely demand time off for national holidays. Keep in mind that these holidays will differ from your own if you hire someone based outside of the United States.

How to Tell If Your VA Is a Good Fit

When you’ve worked with the same Amazon seller VA for a while (perhaps weeks, maybe just days, it depends on the workload), it’s time to examine if they’re a good fit for your requirements.

You’ll also need to provide the VA with adequate time to master the procedures. However, if the VA is having difficulties, making errors, or taking longer than you would on a task, consider hiring someone else.

When you hire through an agency, everything happens quickly and easily. Simply request a new assistant, and you’ll have one immediately. There is no downtime, and the agency will choose someone who is competent in all of the areas you require.

It is slightly more difficult to hire a freelancer on a platform. You’ll have to post another job (you may want to modify the description from last time to avoid running into the same issues), search for prospects, and hold interviews.

The entire procedure is expected to take a few days, during which you’ll need to deal with your existing VA as opposed to concentrating on your business.

The most inconvenient of all is a direct hire, as you may be forced into a contract. It might take up to a month for you to find someone else to take your VA’s place.

Hiring an Amazon assistant is a fantastic approach to expand your business. At first, you might outsource only the most repetitious activities, but as you acquire responsibilities, you may wish to delegate more work to the VA.

You should also consider investing in more specialist services, such as translation, market research, and Amazon advertising campaigns. This may provide your company with fresh and innovative possibilities.

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