Should Bloggers Hire a Virtual Receptionist?


Though blogging provides bloggers with opportunities for creativity, income and name recognition, the stress that comes from this job is often underestimated.

A big part of blogging involves not just writing quality content, but also taking care of administrative tasks and marketing yourself. With so much time going into your blogs, the last thing you should have to worry about is what goes on behind the scenes.

Here are three reasons compiled by Virtual receptionist LA team about why it’s worth considering hiring a virtual receptionist to help out.


As we discussed before, once your name becomes more well-known, you will be in high demand! People have stories to cover and products that they want you to talk about. Attempting to complete everyone else’s tasks while simultaneously working on your own project can be extremely daunting .

To lighten your load a bit , consider hiring a virtual receptionist. This way, you can focus on doing what you do best without having the added stress of attending to requests immediately.

Virtual receptionists are known for have a lot of distinct qualities like being professional, friendly and detailed when taking messages, meaning  you don’t have to worry about missing important calls. Plus, all of the incoming calls will be compiled into one neat little batch for easy accessibility later.


If you want to be a successful blogger, know that research comes with the territory. Hunting down quality sources can take hours and leave you feeling exhausted, but it’s all worth it in the end when people are reading your content and enjoying it.

If you’re wanting your brand to expand, look no further than a virtual receptionist! With hiring one, you can focus on honing your craft and content rather than getting bogged down by the day-to-day tasks that break up your time and zap your creativity.


Keeping track of everything going on can be overwhelming, especially with other tasks piling up on top of it. A virtual receptionist can help with organizing your schedule, and delegating tasks to others if needed.

They also work well in managing projects and making sure everything is running smoothly and on time. Relying on a virtual receptionist will make you feel more confident about handling all that comes with the job, leaving room for you to focus on what truly matters: creating quality content for your readers.

In the end, the decision is ultimately up to you. But don’t underestimate the benefits of hiring a virtual receptionist and freeing up some time and stress in your busy blogging schedule. You deserve it!

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Best Ways Virtual Receptionist Services Benefit You and Your Customers


A virtual receptionist is ideal for small businesses who can’t afford to have a full-time customer service representative, as they are the first line of contact with potential customers.

A virtual and secure phone system for business is an excellent, cost-effective way for small businesses to enjoy better customer service without going over budget. Virtual receptionist LA team have listed the Five key benefits that many companies experience when they use a virtual receptionist.

1. Calls Are Always Answered During Business Hours

With a virtual receptionist, you’re guaranteed that someone will answer your phone calls during business hours. You also don’t have to worry about training or scheduling confliction because vacation days are planned in advance.

A dependable virtual receptionist service can solve all of these predicaments, since they are always reachable when you need them. For instance, you can have your phone lines forwarded to the virtual receptionist during these times off, even those that are spontaneous.

2. You Can Focus On Running Your Business

Since you don’t have to worry about answering your phone, taking messages, or sorting through customer complaints and requests on your own, you can focus more of your time and energy on growing the business.

A virtual receptionist service takes care of all these tasks for you, so it’s a great way to ensure that you’re maximizing your time and productivity.

3. Always Get Great Customer Service

Having a virtual receptionist means that your customer’s calls will always be answered professionally, even when your on-site receptionist is out sick or on vacation.

You can train and brief your virtual receptionist on how to handle calls so that your customers have a consistent experience regardless of who answers the phone. Excellent customer service has been shown to increase sales and give businesses a competitive advantage.

4. You Can Easily Scale Up or Down Your Receptionist Services

If you need extra help during busy times, but want to save money when business is low, virtual receptionists offer a great solution here.

You can easily scale up or down the level of service you need to match your business needs. And the best part is, you won’t be locked into a long-term contract or have to make any upfront financial commitments.

5. You Can Better Manage Your Time

If you don’t have an on-site receptionist, consider using a virtual one. They can take calls while freeing up your time, and send you notifications throughout the day with messages.

This way, you can stay updated with what’s been happening and prioritize issues based on urgency. Other matters can be delegated to different people or departments within the company as needed.

6. Maintain a Professional Image

Having a virtual receptionist that is accredited guarantees you’re working with someone who meets a high standard and will present professionalism to your client base, this, in turn, gives your business a great image.

Calls being answered quickly & professionally makes customers have good impression of your company.

7. You Can Enjoy Peace Of Mind

Virtual receptionists are available 24/7, which means you can always count on them to answer your calls. This is a peace of mind that many business owners struggle to find.

Whether you’ve got an unexpected emergency or simply want some time off, having the ability to take a break without worrying about your business is a huge benefit that can’t be understated.

8. Save Money On Customer Service

Hiring a full-time receptionist can be expensive, but utilizing virtual receptionists is much cheaper and still just as effective, if not more so. Additionally, during high calling times when you would need the help the most, virtual receptionists are available to take on the influx of calls.

There’s no reason to overspend here when you can save money and use it elsewhere in your business where it’ll have a larger impact!

With this service, you never have to worry about missing calls or putting callers on hold. Your caller will always receive the same amount of attention they need.

This is an optimal choice for big and small businesses because you don’t need to pay for vacation days, sick days, office space, or other payroll overheads that come with having a full-time receptionist on staff.

9. You Can Customize Your Receptionist Experience

Virtual receptionists can be easily integrated with call monitoring, call recording, and other software solutions.

This gives you more control over the level of service your customers experience when they interact with your company. It also lets you customize your phone system to meet the needs of your business.

10. You Can Trust In High-Quality Customer Service

Since virtual receptionists are focused on providing quality customer service, you can rest assured that your customers will always be treated with the best care and attention.

Whether they’re calling for help with a billing issue, making a reservation, or simply looking for more information about your products and services, you’ll always be able to count on your virtual receptionist for outstanding support.

So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective, reliable option that will help your business thrive, consider hiring a virtual receptionist today!

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What does a live virtual receptionist do?


A live virtual receptionist has the same responsibilities as a physical or on-site receptionist. This can include greeting clients, answering incoming calls, making appointments, and returning calls. Virtual receptionists may also take care of other administrative duties.

Other than shouldering the same responsibilities as an on-site receptionist, a virtual receptionist also has several other distinct qualities and advantages like Maintaining and filing documents, Updating client records promptly At the point of contact and forwarding information from clients to management and vice versa.

Benefits of having a live virtual receptionist

A live virtual receptionist can often take care of job duties more efficiently than an on-site receptionist.

Virtual receptionist LA team have listed below the 9 benefits of hiring virtual receptionists: 

1. Cost-effective

Offshore reception services are a cheaper alternative to hiring traditional employees, just like other outsourced business functions.

Businesses can save nearly three-fourths on labor simply by outsourcing to employees in developing countries. Furthermore, they’ll save time and other resources that would be put into training or outfitting these workers with the necessary equipment.

2. Focus on core business operations

When companies outsource the burden of handling customer calls to virtual receptionists, they are able to focus on other critical aspects of their core business operations.

For example, marketing teams can focus on driving more sales by creating targeted campaigns to reach potential customers.

Meanwhile, sales representatives can spend more time engaging with potential customers and closing deals.

3. Improved productivity

When a company outsources their reception functions, the in-house employees will have additional time to focus on other important job aspects.

Some businesses have their human resources team manage inquiry calls from clients. However, by hiring a virtual receptionist, the human resources department can focus on its primary duties such as employee management.

4. Fast scalability

Virtual receptionists are relatively easy to scale up or down as needed. This is because BPOs have a large agent network that can quickly ramp up their services once more work loads arise. Similarly, they can easily reduce staffing levels when there are periods of low demand.

Thus, hiring virtual receptionists allows businesses to readily scale up or down their staff as needed.

5. 24/7 availability

Outsourcing firms typically have employees working in shifts around the clock, seven days a week, to support their continuous operations.

Therefore, working with a business process outsourcing (BPO) company that provides virtual reception services gives organizations access to a 24/7 staffed virtual reception desk.

6. Multilingual receptionists

A BPO’s multilingual agents often speak fluent English and sometimes a third language in addition to their native tongue.

Businesses that outsource their receptionist duties can access a larger talent pool of agents who speak multiple languages. This can greatly benefit global companies or organizations that frequently work with international clients.

7. Flexibility to work remotely

Virtual receptionists can work remotely, meaning they don’t have to be physically present at the client’s location to provide services.

Instead, they are usually connected through phone and other communication technology such as Skype or Google Hangouts. This allows businesses to hire virtual receptionists without allocating office space for them, saving on costs.

8. Enhanced professionalism and customer experience

Virtual receptionists are trained to handle calls in a professional manner, providing customers with better experiences. This can improve the overall reputation of a company and enhance customer relationships.

9. Higher employee retention

When businesses outsource their reception duties to virtual receptionists, they gain the advantage of having fewer employees who are dedicated to one job and not distracted by other tasks as well. This can increase staff retention in comparison to companies that hire traditional employees for a similar task.

Thus, by outsourcing reception duties to virtual receptionists, businesses can enjoy higher employee retention and improved productivity. Ultimately, this leads to increased efficiency and lower costs for businesses.

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How to prepare your business for a virtual receptionist service


A virtual receptionist service is a B2B support system where an outside party answers calls and chats on behalf of your company. This team is often “an extension of your business,” as they are contracted to relay messages or refer customers to people within the company who can help them.

24/7 coverage for your business requires a lot of manpower. Virtual receptionists are not based in your office, but they have their own respective home offices that they work from. 

Virtual receptionist LA experts have listed the things you need to prepare to get ahead when using virtual reception service.

1. Involve key stakeholders

Whenever you’re looking to implement a change in your business, make sure to include the right people from the start. Furthermore, keep everyone updated along the way for maximum transparency and a smoother process overall.

Making people aware of a coming transition is not enough. The more involved they are in the process, the less likely you will encounter pushback or confusion later.

2. Plan and set expectations

As with any new business change, it’s important to have a clear plan in place before starting. This includes setting expectations for your virtual receptionist team, such as what type of calls they will handle and how they should forward inquiries or messages.

It’s also crucial to establish communication channels between the virtual receptionist team and your company, so everyone is on the same page.

3. Evaluate regularly

As with any business change, it’s important to evaluate your virtual receptionist service on a regular basis.

This can help you learn from past experiences and ensure that you are getting the most out of the partnership moving forward. It can also help you set benchmarks for specific elements of your working relationship or overall results.

4. Consider your integrations

You likely use integrations in your business on a daily basis without even realizing it. The number of integrations you use and the extent to which you use them depends on the size of your company and the different software programs you use to manage your business.

For the majority, this will include the tools your virtual receptionists will need to bring into play in order to authentically personify your business.

The sales process is critical, and your sales team and virtual receptionists should be in sync. Your receptionists should route the newest leads to your salespeople as soon as possible.

Most virtual receptionist services come with their own appointment scheduling tools that also integrate well with common calendars. This way, you can keep track of your appointments easily.

5. Set up live chat on your website

One of the common question’s asked, is can virtual receptionist do more than just answer your phone calls and the answer is yes. Adding live chat to your website opens up a whole new avenue for leads and customers.

You can capture leads who would otherwise slip through the cracks, as well giving existing customers another line of support outside of traditional phone lines.

Work with your IT team/developers to add the code to the backend of the website, or use one of our easy builders integrations, depending on your platform.

Once you’ve completed the integration, your virtual receptionists can answer chats through your website 24/7, just like they do through your phone.

6. Be patient

Although the transition to a virtual receptionist service can be exciting, it’s important not to rush the process too much. Take your time and make sure you’re setting yourself up for a successful partnership with your service provider.

7. Communicate effectively

As with any part of your business, communication is key when you’re working with a virtual receptionist service. Make sure to keep them updated on any changes and collaborate closely as you go forward.

One way to do this is to create a channel for regular updates via email or chat, so your team can give quick feedback about any issues that arise.

8. Set targets and be ready to adjust

You need to hold your virtual receptionist service accountable in the same way you would any other part of your business, by setting targets and evaluating progress along the way. A number of things can be measured internally.

It’s crucial to understand that your service can always adapt to suit your needs. Teach your team how to give feedback about every element of the service, so you can create a loop of testing, getting feedback and then improving things.

By doing so, you can create a long-term relationship that will help your business grow and thrive for years to come.

9. Take your time

The transition to a virtual receptionist service can be exciting, but it’s important not to rush the process too much.

Be sure to take your time and ensure that you’re set up for a successful partnership moving forward.

10. Keep experimenting

As with any business change, it’s important to keep experimenting and evaluating the effectiveness of your virtual receptionist service over time.

This can help you learn from past experiences, set benchmarks for specific elements of your working relationship, and get the most out of the partnership moving forward. And ultimately, this will help you grow your business and thrive in the long run.

At the end of the day, your business is unique and you need a virtual receptionist that can meet those needs. Find a team that will work with you every step of the way to build that service together. By investing in planning and preparation up front, you’ll enjoy smoother transitions and better results overall.

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Common Questions People Frequently Ask About Virtual Receptionists


The traditional concept of a receptionist might not0 be readily apparent when considering adopting a virtual reception service for your business. Below, Virtual receptionist LA experts answer some common questions from business owners and managers exploring this option.

When you juggle calls for numerous businesses, how do you know when the call is intended for my business?

We stay up-to-date with the latest call management technology so that we can identify each caller and answer the calls using your chosen script, whether they’re calling from a desk phone, mobile phone, or computer.

When you answer a business call, what do you want your potential customers to hear?

We personalize and tailor our call center conversations to each business, using call scripts to make sure your customers always receive accurate information. This way, we can also represent your business exactly how you want us to.

A call script is a document that outlines what we should say, questions we should ask when answering a call or making a job booking. This allows us to be more efficient and confident on the phone, providing a better experience for both our clients and ourselves.

Call scripts are completely customized to enhance customer experience. During the service set-up, we will review the information and scripts you provide as well as become familiar with your desired interactions with customers. Based on our experience and best practice, we may also suggest script and process improvements .

How will I be notified about bookings or messages that need my attention?

Based on your communication preferences, we will customize how often we reach out to you, whether it be through email or another medium.

The format and information included in these communications will also be tailored to what you want or need. To keep everyone up-to-date on bookings, we can use a shared calendar or more advanced job management software.

In addition, we send our clients monthly reports that detail the caller’s name and contact information, what the call was about, what action was taken, and any other relatable comments.

What do you do if you don’t know the answer to a caller’s question?

Our top priority is accuracy. If we aren’t sure of the answer to a question, we’ll follow up with the caller after confirming details. When appropriate, we might take a provisional booking and make it clear to customers that they will receive another call from us if service can’t be provided as expected.

We will help you out by working through some of these scenarios together as part of the set-up process. You can customize how we manage these sorts of circumstances and exceptional cases to better suit your needs.

We don’t want your business to fall behind, so when new questions or circumstances come up, we update our scripts and training. Our documentation is always updated to make sure we can deliver the best possible outcome for your customers and business.

How soon can I have my calls forwarded when I switch on call divert?

After your dedicated phone line is live, you don’t need to give any notice to turn on the diversion. Our call management software will identify when an incoming call is for your business, and we will always be ready to handle your calls promptly.

If you have any specific instructions, you can let us know at least a few minutes in advance. For example, if you need us to cover your calls but don’t want us to take bookings, we can do that. The virtual reception service offers maximum flexibility to meet your business needs.

Our virtual reception packages are tailored to your call volume needs and can be adjusted accordingly each month.

If no one is available to answer calls for my business, what happens?

You will never have to worry about calls going unanswered during business hours. not only will every member of our team be familiar with your scripts, but we use call management software that integrates with our mobile phones. This way, even if we are out of the office for a few minutes, we can still answer calls for your business.

If you have any problems with your phone lines, our team will be more than happy to check and action your voicemails as needed.

If someone calls your business outside of regular hours, what will happen?

If you would like your calls to be answered by a receptionist outside of usual business hours, we can customize our voicemail service to better suit your needs.

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Everything You Need to Know About Using a Virtual Receptionist


Receptionists are key members of any company as they help to direct traffic and handle important documents. They act as the face of your business and can help to build a positive reputation.

However, many small businesses cannot afford to have an extra employee on staff, despite the value that they would bring.

Although a virtual receptionist is an excellent choice for this sort of company, what services do they provide and how much do they cost? Let Virtual receptionist Calgary experts enlighten you on this.

What is a virtual receptionist?

virtual receptionist is an employee who works for a third-party business. This outside company provides services to organizations depending on their specific needs.

Virtual receptionists are third-party service providers that work as the organizations who hire them pay representatives.

This means they’ll act as if they’re an employee of your company, but without you having to pay them. They also work remotely from home frequently, so you won’t have to worry about giving them entry or teaching them how to use your business equipment.

What does a virtual receptionist do? 

  1. The type of service you require will determine the kind of virtual receptionist you are going to choose. For example, a virtual receptionist can answer calls and questions coming into your main or international business phone line.
  2. Receptionists can use their virtual system to identify the call that is going to your business and choose the most suitable script, question set, or internal directory. This not only helps them handle any questions effectively, but it also lets them qualify all incoming prospect calls, provide additional information about your company, or redirect prospects to the appropriate person or department.
  3. Not only will veta virtual VR’s answer your business phone calls during regular work hours, but they can also transcribe and forward any voicemail messages to you. This way, you’ll never have an unhappy customer because their query went unanswered.
  4. Additionally, most virtual receptionist services include appointment scheduling. So whether you need someone to book appointments for one person or an entire team, the third-party virtual receptionist can take care of it all; freeing up your time in the process..
  5. If your business makes deals or transactions with suppliers over the phone, our virtual receptionists can help by taking basic payments and handling invoices. We will also redirect your company’s mail so you get it in a timely manner.

In a nutshell , Virtual receptionists with their distinct qualities, assist you in completing basic administrative activities without the need to add another worker.

How much does a virtual receptionist cost? 

You can use a variety of payment and subscription options based on the level of support and service you require. It’s possible to control VR employing cost.

Pay-as-you-go virtual receptionists are an excellent choice for small businesses or organizations who need short-term representation over a staff holiday or absence.

If you want more regular assistance, different service levels are available for set monthly or annual payments starting at £5 per day and rising to £50 per month or more.

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4 Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Receptionist


Quality customer service is key to a successful business. By promoting customer satisfaction and experience, you’re simultaneously improving your business’ chances of making money. Happy customers mean they’ll keep using your services, which in turn means more profits for you!

Promoting excellent customer service is possible in many ways, one being by responding to client questions and concerns immediately. This can be done with the help of a virtual receptionist. These are trained professionals that will handle boosting your customers’ experience. They can be without a doubt right choice for your business.

Virtual receptionist Calgary experts have explained given benefits of working with a virtual receptionist include: 

1. Helps Save Money

A lack of funding is one of the most prominent difficulties businesses face today. Because of this, many business owners have trouble expanding or developing their enterprise. You can cut costs by acquiring virtual receptionist services.

This entails partnering with a service provider who will give you access to a receptionist and other customer-related amenities.

2. Focus On Other Key Business Functions

Hiring a virtual receptionist has several advantages. You can focus on additional business activities because an online secretary handles all functions of interacting with clients, allowing you more time to deal with other things.

It’s crucial that you handle your responsibilities carefully. So, if you don’t manage your time well, you could miss out on other essential tasks. However, by using an online receptionist (an office assistant or virtual assistant), you may be able to address this problem.

Having a virtual receptionist helps you to manage other business areas while they deal with customers. This also enables your company’s growth.

3. Provide Customer Service 24/7

If you’re looking for someone to provide customer service 24/7, then a virtual receptionist is your best bet. Most of these services are available after hours everyday, 7 days a week, so you can be sure that there will always be someone available to help your customers.

Today’s consumers are generally impatient, and they want a quick response when they visit your online store. As a result, if you take hours to answer their questions, they may look for assistance from your rivals. This can have an impact on your revenues. That’s why you’ll need to hire an online receptionist.

4. Boosts Your Online Presence

By working with a virtual receptionist, you can kill two birds with one stone–boosting your business awareness and visibility. Because they are online, they  can rapidly respond to any customer questions or concerns on all of your business platforms. Especially it can help if you have small business.

Although you can produce excellent material online, sometimes it may take too long to develop your online presence. This is especially true if you don’t have enough time to respond to your consumers’ comments or feedback. By hiring an internet receptionist, you can alleviate this problem.

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4 Important Qualities To Look For In A Virtual Receptionist


As an entrepreneur, you’ll be responsible for a variety of responsibilities to keep your business functioning properly. However, even the most minor work may consume the majority of your time, preventing you from accomplishing more critical objectives.

Manage your calendar, keep track of appointments, and respond to e-mails and phone calls are all examples of little yet crucial activities.

Fortunately, a virtual receptionist (VR) may be beneficial to your company. Some businesspeople believe that professional VRs are an important addition to their operations since they assign additional routine duties to virtual staff.

Characteristics Of A Great Virtual Receptionist

Virtual receptionists, according to survey, can handle the complex administrative duties of your firm, such as scheduling meetings, managing your social media accounts, assisting clients with appointments, and submitting an end-of-day report for you. Simply stated, having a virtual receptionist is advantageous both to you and your company.

Because of this, selecting the most suitable virtual receptionist for your firm is critical. They must have a variety of qualities in order to be able to complete numerous tasks while working remotely with little supervision.

If you’re considering adding one to your staff, here are five characteristics compiled by virtual receptionist Calgary team that you should search for to find the best VR for you.

1. Intelligent And Quick-Witted  

The most essential quality to look for is a person’s mentality. You need to find someone who can adapt quickly to your company’s culture and is intelligent when it comes to the tasks they should handle for you.

It’s also critical that this individual is familiar with the essential and sophisticated online communication tools that will be a part of their job. Simply said, it’s better to hire someone who has prior expertise delivering efficient and high-quality virtual service for you and your consumers.

2. Positive And Friendly 

The ideal virtual receptionist should be optimistic and pleasant. Keep in mind that they’re the first point of contact for all your returning and new potential clients, so they have a lot of power to make or break a client’s first impression of your business.

As onsite receptionists can demonstrate through their encouraging smiles and personal interactions, it may be easier for them to perform a good and friendly service.

3. Organized And Has An Eye For Detail 

With a virtual receptionist, you can take on more than one customer at a time which is excellent for business because not only are you making money from numerous clients simultaneously, but you’re also saving on costs by skipping the full-time employee.

But in order for this to work well, it’s important that the virtual receptionist is self-organized and detail oriented so that each client receives quality service.

Someone who is organized is someone who knows how to effectively manage their time and complete tasks within a certain amount of time. It’s also beneficial if your hired VR knows how to utilize internet or conventional organization tools to assist them in their work.

4. Knows How To Take Initiative 

It’s natural for businesses to have difficulties from time to time. However, you won’t be able to solve all of these issues at once. As a result, it’s advised that you hire a virtual receptionist who can take the initiative and come up with answers in the case of an emergency.

When interviewing potential VR employees, inquire about how they would feel in high-pressure situations such as managing raging customers, a load of complaints, or an abrupt influx of phone calls.

The ideal candidate will be able to seem calm and collected while speaking with clients on the phone and efficiently provide them with a resolution to their problem.

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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Virtual Receptionist Service


Most new businesses don’t have the resources to hire a full-time receptionist at first, therefore they resort to inbound calls.

There are several drawbacks to this strategy, including but not limited to, creating a poor company image, losing clients, and being an overall waste of time. Hiring a virtual reception service can frequently be a good remedy for this problem.

So understanding the reasons why you should outsource might be beneficial. Let’s take a look at some of the input from virtual receptionist Calgary Team.

1. It Saves You Money

The cost of employing a full-time receptionist is significantly higher than that of a part-time one. Hiring one may set you back two to three thousand dollars each month.

They are not entitled to employer health insurance, paid vacation, or sick leave. Even if only a few businesses can receive calls in the 400 range, it would still cost about $600 per month.

2. They Can Uplift Your Company Image

Another advantage of Line is that it bolsters your corporate image. Responding to calls yourself or, worse, using an answering service makes you appear like a small business.

First impressions are crucial in today’s world, so you want to take them very seriously. Having a receptionist or even a virtual one, gives the impression of being efficient and competent.

3. They Help Prevent the Loss of New Customers

Customer service may help to minimize the loss of new customers. Customers require prompt attention when they are experiencing difficulties.

Even if they can leave a message on an answering machine, they will most likely hang up and call another competitor who may answer the phone. So you need to vigilant when setting up your VR requirements.

Whoever answers will almost certainly get the client since few businesses take the time to respond appropriately to clients right away.

4. It Saves You Time and Effort

Virtual receptionists take on many of the duties of an actual receptionist, from handling calls to making reservations, so that you can spend your time more wisely elsewhere.

Additionally, most providers use menu-driven technology that makes it difficult for caller’s to tell they’re not speaking with someone in-person. This could save you a lot of money instead of overpaying somebody for a job that could be done virtually!

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How do virtual receptionist work?


A virtual receptionist service can assist retain important client leads, from professional answerphone solutions to particular landlines and phone extensions. Here’s the expert advice from Virtual Receptionist Calgary specialists.

Have you ever missed out on a position because your phone was turned off in time, or were on vacation and all of your equipment was shut off?

Having a receptionist for many sole traders and small businesses would be desirable, but it is just not practical. Is it feasible that technology may take care of the legwork by directing clients and incoming calls to the proper place at the right moment?

What is a virtual receptionist and how can it help your business?

After the telephone’s invention, big entities have benefited from in-house switchboards. When you try to contact one of these large companies, a receptionist typically answers or gives you various options for where to route your call.

That way, the caller is always transferred to the appropriate place; thus saving any lost calls (and consequently revenue).

It’s also have benefits to customer service. According to a Global poll, 59 percent of new clients will not leave a voicemail if their call isn’t answered.

Customers (and potential customers) expect to speak with someone when they call (particularly if they phoned instead of sending an email or using social media). Big businesses understand that resolving calls is essential for effective engagement.

Growth can threaten your service level

While this is ideal for bigger businesses, what does this mean for the independent contractor using their mobile phone or a small to mid-size business? When first beginning, most companies have an easy time connecting with customers. But as the company expands and call volume rises, generally service quality declines.

That’s where a virtual receptionist service may come in handy. Your calls are answered and routed via the cloud using a virtual receptionist service, allowing your customer to receive attention and your company to get an opportunity. You need to be vigilant while setting up  VR.

Take to the cloud and control your calls

Because the newest generation of virtual receptionist solutions allows you to schedule and manage your calls, you may have more faith in them reaching the correct person at the correct time.

virtual receptionist is simply a person who takes a call and attempts to connect it with the appropriate individual or department, just as a normal office-based receptionist or switchboard operator does.

A virtual receptionist programmed with your office’s phone system will dial every number until it reaches the right person. If you’re unavailable, it’ll transfer the call to a colleague. The goal is for your customer to always receive an answer.

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