About Us

Veta Virtual offers customizable receptionist services to businesses that may be losing out on customers due to missed calls or unreturned messages.

We’ve experienced it as consumers and bet you have too: you’re looking for a service, find a business online, give them a call, and the line is silent. 

In many instances, the first business to answer the phone and provide open communication is the company that wins that customer’s business. 

If you’re a business owner needing more support, you don’t have the capacity to answer all your phone calls, or you don’t have the income to hire a full-time employee, Veta is the perfect solution for you. 

Our Mission

Veta Virtual’s mission is to help business owners grow their business. We take the customer support and administrative tasks off our clients’ shoulders so they can focus on what they do best. We grow when our clients grow.


Our Values

  • Customer Comes First: Customers are the most important part of our company, we must put them first and deliver the highest amount of value to them possible.
  • Be Accountable And Take Ownership: Take ownership and be accountable for everything we do, regardless of the size of the task or job. 
  • Have Transparency: Speak your mind. Be clear and open so everyone is on the same page.
  • Constantly Innovating and Improving: Always ask: How can we do things better? Be curious about new possibilities and improve how we work.
  • Result Oriented: Focus on the outcome over just doing the work. 

Features that actually assist your business.

Working with a virtual receptionist should relieve you of stress, not add to it. Through personalized services, we work to free up your phone lines and ultimately allow you to focus on areas of business that need your attention. 

You keep working - we will take the call.

Meet Andy

Our team is comprised of friendly and passionate receptionists ready to step in and support your business needs. While other virtual receptionist companies may shuffle you around from one receptionist to another, our experts work in specific industries and offer dedicated communication lines from our team to yours. We take the time to learn your business from the inside out – starting with you.

Andy Fang

Hi, I’m Andy! I’ve worked in business, marketing, and startups for years, and understand the importance of clear and timely communication.

When I was helping friends and family coordinate contractors for some home projects, I was shocked at how many businesses never returned my phone calls or inquiries. Since then, I started Veta Virtual to solve the same roadblock I faced as a customer for many small businesses.

We offer customized receptionist services to meet your business where you’re at and support your company needs.