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Why Having a VA Is Top Trend Among Entrepreneurs

January 2022

Today, it is easier than ever for anybody with a good idea to start their own firm and become an entrepreneur. The increased availability of remote assistants for entrepreneurs is one of the main reasons for this.

Gone are the days when it was necessary to execute each business activity by hand. Some activities may be simple (such as sending emails, returning phone calls, and entering data) but they all need time, leaving little room for your most vital company pursuits.

Spending so much time every day on administrative duties also quickly drains your energy and saps your enthusiasm for the task at hand.

Worse, other parts (particularly creating images or dealing with technical problems) are challenging unless you have specialized knowledge. If the quality is poor, your business may appear unprofessional, making it difficult for you to advance when you’ve just begun.

Contracting a professional virtual assistant for these chores eliminates hassles and delivers the business image you want, all without the need to hire staff.

The Benefits of Virtual Assistants for Entrepreneurs

Although remote assistants are becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world, they have certain advantages for businesses.

1. Improve Productivity

The most important reason entrepreneurs choose VAs is to increase their productivity. Cutting down on dull activities and chores that you don’t have the skills for will more than compensate for lost time.

You’ll be more creative and driven when you focus entirely on your core business work, which will result in greater productivity.

2. Learn Delegation Skills

When you’re starting out as an entrepreneur, it’s difficult to entrust even the most menial jobs to someone else. To bring your idea to reality, you need complete control.

The trouble is that you can’t keep going like this as your startup grows. You’ve probably worked with someone who micromanages before, and you know it’s no way to run a business.

Unless you previously managed a business, you are unlikely to be able to delegate. Working with a VA will help you learn the basics of delegating, including how detailed to be in your instructions, when to give some leeway, and what activities to delegate in the first place.

3. Start Scaling Your Operation

Taking the first step toward expanding your firm isn’t always as simple as it may appear. You’ll also start to notice new possibilities for development, and you’ll be able to take advantage of them.

In reality, there’s no reason why you can’t hire more remote assistants (especially specialized VAs) as your company expands. They may help your business maintain the necessary levels of support as it expands, allowing you to avoid employing full-time workers.

4. Stop Sacrificing Your Personal Life

Running a company does necessitate giving up certain things, but it shouldn’t take over your life. You’ll have no time for anything else if you’re barely able to complete all of your job duties during regular business hours, including family, socializing, staying healthy, and personal objectives.

This is an unhealthy way to live your life and no longer the norm for entrepreneurs. A virtual assistant can help you cut down on your working hours to a more reasonable amount, perhaps just a few more than if you worked full-time.

5. See Long-Term Savings

Contracting a VA is similar to investing in the stock market: you’ll pay money up front, but in the long run, you should see cost savings. Of course, when exactly this happens will be determined by your startup’s health and viability of your business model.

6. Support at a Moment’s Notice

When you’ve just started a new company, it’s tough to figure out when you’ll be busiest. It’s also probable that you’ll receive fresh chances, such as enormous projects with unforeseen deadlines.

There is no need for a VA to provide continuous assistance, you may instead hire support only when necessary. Finding someone who is accessible right now and can act with speed is crucial to your business.

7. Uncover Issues

Online assistants can assist you in discovering problems with your business that you were unaware of. If you’ve never run a company before, you might have issues that appear to an experienced VA but aren’t obvious to you. Your remote assistant may be able to show you how to streamline operations and eliminate habits that are keeping you from achieving your goals.

8. Reduce Stress

Running your own business should make you happy. You left your last job for a reason, and it wasn’t to end up in another demanding situation. A VA can help you reduce stress and allow you to enjoy being an entrepreneur by decreasing your workload, providing higher quality services, improving your image, and eliminating inefficiencies.

How to Take Advantage of Emerging Markets

Another distinction between a online assistant and a conventional personal assistant is that you’ll never have to be in the same room. Many business owners never meet their VAs, whether they are physical or digital enterprises.

This is due in large part to the fact that many entrepreneurs engage VA’s who reside outside of the country, particularly in developing nations.

Low Rates from Emerging Markets

Artificial intelligence-enabled assistants in developing nations generally charge less than those in countries like the United States, Canada, Western Europe, and Australia. As a result of this, it’s quite common for business owners to hire VAs from the Philippines and India since these nations are notorious for producing excellent English speakers.

For simple operations, fees start at $3 to $6 an hour and rise to at least $10 an hour for specialized work. These low costs allow individuals of all budgets to take advantage of a VA. There’s also no need to commit to a full-time schedule if that’s all you require and can afford. If you only need a few hours of remote assistance each month, this is possible.

Best of all, though, there is now a plethora of VAs in developing nations. As a result, you have a lot of alternatives. You can locate someone to provide the precise services you require at the times you specify and who is pleasant and organized.

Where to Find These VAs

Freelance platforms, agencies, and job sites all offer VAs from all over the world. Choose where to seek by considering the benefits and drawbacks of each possibility.

Finding a VA is quick and cost-effective, regardless of what you pick (and perhaps even free). You’ll just pay for the hours of work you get after you’ve engaged an assistant, there’s no need to pay for any extra amenities or resources.

What Services Can These VAs Provide?

In developing areas, virtual assistants may help entrepreneurs with a variety of matters. General VAs can assist you with everything from scheduling to invoicing to travel arrangements and any other administrative chore you might need assistance with. If you want expert work like social media management or accounting, you might choose to hire a professional VA instead.

However, certain tasks are not appropriate for non-native English speakers. A native speaker from the country may be a good fit if you want your virtual receptionist to handle correspondence, proofreading, or transcription, for example.

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Responsibilities of Real Estate Virtual Assistant

January 2022

It may appear that you must work long hours and give your business your full attention to be successful when you start out as a real estate agent. While this may pay off for a time, you’ll soon discover that you’re giving up virtually everything else: family, social life, hobbies, even relaxation.

Worse, the probability is that you aren’t devoting even half of your time to menial activities, not work you like. Real estate agents can benefit from finding a virtual assistant.

Benefits of a Real Estate Assistant

With a genuine estate VA, you’ll have an expert assistant to handle all of the aspects of your firm that you don’t have time to look after yourself. As a result, there are several perks.

Find More Qualified Leads

For any real estate company, generating leads is crucial, but it’s also one of the most time-consuming tasks. A remote assistant may help you fill your pipeline with qualified prospects — all you have to do now is convert them.

Focus on Work You Enjoy

There are a number of things that no real estate agent looks forward to performing. This includes dealing with stacks of paperwork, following up on leads, and updating properties. You may concentrate your efforts on servicing clients and closing deals when you delegate these tasks to a virtual person.

Improve Productivity

When you spend time on monotonous chores, you’re not only wasting your time, but you’re also wasting your precious time. You should devote the bulk of your working day to activities that rely on your knowledge for the best results.

No Training Necessary

There’s no need to instruct, as real estate VAs keep up with their own education. All you have to do is give them some easy onboarding on your company’s specifics. In other words, you’ll be able to get started working faster because the VA will cost less than hiring a personal assistant.

Save Money

It’s not just about saving money. Hiring is less expensive than hiring a personal assistant since there is no need to provide a physical workplace or pay the employee. Instead, you only have to pay for the hours you use.

Scale Your Business

A virtual assistant’s efficiency boost can help you grow your firm faster. To keep up with the increased demand for your services, it’s likely that you’ll need to hire a person to work more hours. This is simple when you’ve engaged a virtual team member.

Plus, if the person you initially hired is unable to provide more hours, you may always hire someone else. If you require assistance with a specialist activity, consider outsourcing to a second VA.

What Do Real Estate Virtual Assistants Do?

What your VA will accomplish for you is determined entirely on your requirements. The following are some of the main responsibilities of a real estate remote assistant.

Lead Generation and Screening

Cold and warm calling and email blasting for lead generation are the best skills for real estate VAs. You frequently need to call or email the same prospects multiple times before getting a response, which is a tedious job. However, without this prospecting, your pipeline will eventually empty after you’ve completed closing your current deals.

When the VA has completed prospecting, he or she will screen leads to determine which approach to take next. This entails determining whether leads are prepared to become customers or need more nurturing first. This is a crucial step because it may assist you avoid losing or wasting opportunities.

Filing Paperwork

An assistant can handle all of your paperwork, from contracts to company papers to closing lists. Your VA may create a system for organizing everything by putting your documents on the cloud. This will allow you to find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds.

Calendar Management and Appointment Scheduling

At all times, successful real estate agents have a full schedule. This usually entails rearranging things, even if it means delaying other tasks. To ensure that you’re making the greatest use of your time, your VA can manage your calendar for you.

An assistant will set meetings with clients and leads. Your VA will pick a time that works for everyone and include a cushion to ensure you aren’t in a hurry to get there on time. The virtual receptionist will also send confirmations and reminders to both you and the individual you’re meeting about the appointment.


For real estate professionals, research is an ongoing process. There’s always a lot of data to sift through: the taxes for various locations, what your competitors are doing, market trends and lending rates, pricing points at particular areas, deed types of specific properties, and so on.

VA can discover everything you need, investigate the data, and produce reports for you. Experienced real estate VAs are even able to anticipate what you’ll need before you ask them.


Your real estate agent can take over your marketing efforts. This might start with the planning stage, when you figure out how to market your property and what types of campaigns are likely to produce the most return on investment.

Then, your VA may execute a variety of marketing strategies, including blogging, video production, email newsletters, and digital advertisements. Finally, your VA will analyze marketing performance and provide you with regular reports.

Social Media

Social media is an important marketing tool for all real estate agents. Your VA can handle your social media accounts for you, creating new ones on platforms where you aren’t yet active and optimizing existing ones. Then, using scheduling applications, your VA will build a posting regimen with a mix of content types and automate posting.

They may also produce social media postings for you, repurposing content you already have. Responding to comments and direct messages will keep people engaged by the VA.


You may be able to handle your bookkeeping on your own if you begin in real estate. However, as your company expands, this is a task that will take up an increasing amount of time and perhaps be impossible if you don’t have a mathematical mind. You’ll have a steady stream of costs for supplies, licensing fees, and so on, and you’ll have to keep track of how much money is coming into the company.

You can rely on your VA to keep bookkeeping at the top of your To-Do list and ensure that you’re working with up-to-date, accurate financial data. You’ll never miss a deadline, be penalized for paying late, or have to deal with the issues that arise when you forget to renew an important thing before the deadline.

Data Management

Maintaining an up-to-date database of contacts is critical for real estate brokers. You must update information in your CRM on a regular basis, and you should do so whenever you get new information about a lead or need to modify the funnel status. Your VA can perform this as well as any other data entry duties, such as gathering signatures or filling out forms.

Managing Listings

Your VA can help you choose the ideal locations to list your homes and then write copy that adheres to the platforms’ standards. An assistant with photo-editing capabilities may also retouch your images for a better appearance. You may trust your VA to keep track of any modifications to a property and promptly update its listings.

Create Presentations

It’s also important to get potential customers interested in your houses before putting them up for sale. Presentations may be used to promote properties to prospective purchasers on third-party sites. A real estate VA may design presentations that you can use on your website and at virtual appointments.

Your VA can create slideshows about areas or include other information that would interest and assist potential purchasers. These are ideal for lead generation.

Correspondence and Inbox Management

When you give your assistant access to your email, you can delegate all of your communications to her. You may also request that your VA simply draft the emails for you. This enables you to go through and check emails before sending them. Your VA may also handle your inbox, assigning items to folders and flagging ones that need attention.

Website Maintenance

A virtual manager that understands WordPress can help you keep your website up to date. This will aid in the prevention of bugs that may slow down your site, ensure that data is up to date, and protect you from hackers or data breaches. As a consequence, you’ll provide a fantastic user experience while also improving your SEO so that you receive higher ranks on search engines.

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Benefits of Using a Call Routing Service

January 2022

Whether you operate a big firm or a small company, call routing solutions may be quite beneficial. If you try to handle all of the calls yourself, they might consume all of your time unless you hire a virtual receptionist services.

This sort of service takes incoming calls for your business and routes them to the appropriate member of staff. Using phone routing has benefits for both you and your clients.

1. Calls Routing Saves You Time

A dedicated phone call routing company handles a time-consuming job for you. The service ensures that your staff is only on the phone when a client need their specialized knowledge by handling all of the administrative work for your team.

As a result, they’ll have more time to deal with other responsibilities, which means they’ll be off the phone less and can respond to client inquiries more quickly.

2. Proper Phone Call Routing Gives Customers the Best Care Possible

Call routing is the process of directing phone calls in such a way that they reach their intended recipients. These services have made establishing call routes a science.

You are less likely to experience dropped calls or incorrectly routed calls, and consumers don’t have to speak with numerous departments to figure out who can assist them. Instead, the call routing service will route each call to the proper person.

3. Call Route Services Save You Money

Routing calls is a cost-effective procedure that may help you save money. If you don’t use call routing services, you’ll have to pay for a receptionist to handle incoming calls and manage between departments unless you hire a dedicated virtual assistant.

Most call routing services are quite low-cost, so contracting with a service rather than hiring an individual might help cut your expenses.

4. Calls Routing Provides Customized Business Solutions

Every organization has unique demands, and appropriate call routing services will accommodate them. There are various sorts of phone calling routing to choose from depending on your company’s needs.

If all of your employees have the same job and you want to maximize speed, a call route might send customers to the next working line. A call route can help an individual get connected with an employee who is able on handling their problem.

5. Calls Routing Keeps Customers Satisfied

One of the most frequent customer gripes is long wait times. Customers who are unable to contact a customer care agent promptly are less likely to utilize your company in the future.

Customers may now contact a live agent straight away and be directed to the correct employee more rapidly thanks to call routing. Your firm’s reputation will be more favorable as a result of this quick and efficient approach to calls.

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How to Automate Tech Support Calls?

January 2022

Although automated customer service and support is growing businesses all around the world every day, many firms are still having difficulties keeping up. You are not alone if you’re having trouble providing your prospects and consumers with adequate technical assistance when they use your products and services.

The good news is that you can take certain actions to enjoy a significant cost savings, increase sales, and improve client satisfaction through well-managed automated support calls.

What Is Automated Tech Support?

When a large number of client requests for help overwhelms your customer support team, it may be difficult to handle. You should consider automating your call center to match any level of demand for assistance. This service employs an autonomous system to address common client problems.

Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbots, ticketing software, and consumer survey questions are all used to decrease or eliminate the need for human involvement in customer support. These technologies are useful for both small and large businesses since they enable them to improve call centers’ effectiveness.

Automate Your Tech Support Call Center with these Steps

It’s critical to keep the end-user in mind while automating your support calls. As a result, maintaining a customer-centric focus is crucial, and one of the reasons you need to use remote receptionist services. 

To begin, gather as much information as possible about your products and clients. The performance of call center automation technology is based on its ability to meet the demands of users which can be increased with virtual assistant services. Actually, before they arise, you must have a method for recognizing all potential requirements in order to build a solid automated system.

Next, select the right call center software for your needs. The type of software you use will be determined by your company structure and requirements. If your call person’s team is competent, you may utilize an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) program. An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system serves the caller in as many ways as possible while minimizing on-the-phone wait times.

Finally, incorporate essential information into your system, such as the answers to the questions you anticipate. This will make its interactions with your customers as beneficial and pleasurable as feasible. A well-automated system should understand issues, respond appropriately, and get information from the caller. The system should either provide trustworthy solutions or transfer callers to a specialist who can handle the issue.

Install the software and perform performance tests in the fourth stage. Before obtaining the new program to connect with your clients, make sure it performs as expected. This will spare you embarrassment and allow for any necessary modifications. To obtain high-quality support calls using an automated system, integrate it into your call center and check its performance against the requirements.

What’s next after Installation?

Even after you’ve installed the system, your call answering service may not be optimized. You must be vigilant from the instant it is put in place. You can use the services of virtual assistant in this case.

As the manager, you must make frequent follow-ups on the data obtained from the inbound call system. Customer service remarks and how well the system is performing in terms of call transfers are examples of vital information. At this time, you may observe that calls are not being routed to your best technical support expert.

You should also be upfront with your consumers and let them know that you are using an automated service. Keep your clients up to date and make it possible for them to voice their opinions may help you make better decisions when it comes to enhancing your automated technical support. Also, act on all of the customer complaints handled by the automated system. Never assume that they are not serious.

Let your consumers know about this vulnerability to avoid getting scammed by support-related frauds. Scammers may pretend to be part of your team and obtain money from your consumers using false pretenses.

To assist your clients, you must be proactive in handling their complaints and assisting them in reporting them to the FTC. As a preventative measure, keep your consumers informed on how to avoid scammers by informing them about how to get hold of your assistance.

Finally, have a virtual receptionist support specialist on call at all times. Regardless of how well-equipped your system is, you should not assume it can handle all assistance calls. To resolve complex issues while the customer is still connected, you must have an expert on call at all times and that’s where Veta virtual can help you. Working with AI technology and human experts makes your system more efficient.

What Are Benefits to Automating Your Technical Support Service?

There are several advantages to using an automated technical support answering service. To begin with, the vast majority of problems that a support person must address are unneeded. Having an automated solution for routine support calls saves time in handling them. This frees up time for your staff to handle more complex and unique circumstances.

Having an automated call service system may help your business be more productive and efficient.

Dependent on the context, a computer can handle several calls at once and simultaneously. Furthermore, machines seldom make mistakes since they only respond to instructions as specified in their instructions. As a result, your productivity is more consistent since you’ve reduced the possibility of human errors.

How to Choose a Customer Management Software for Call Support

Different call centers require different CM software to assist with customer service calls. There are several things to consider while selecting the best CM software and virtual assistant for your support business. You must balance price against functionality when choosing a solution. This is because automating your call center is an investment that must contribute to your company’s growth.

Second, select a solution that best meets your requirements. The ultimate goal of automating your system is to make it more efficient. When it comes to interactive functionality, you should be sure that the program you’re installing is reliable. It should also handle calls in an effective manner, providing prompt understanding and feedback while routing them to the greatest available expert.

Also, see whether the automation will blend in with your existing infrastructure.

How Much Does It Cost ?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how much automating your call center will cost. This is due to the fact that the solution depends on a variety of factors. The most basic factor is the program you pick. Software vendors have different pricing structures.

The price is primarily determined by the elements of the program. For example, a software that only gives traditional service provider calls may be more costly than one that provides VoIP services.

The software’s capacity to process calls, the number of people on staff who will need training, and the system’s overall performance are all factors to consider.

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