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Our dedicated receptionists handle your calls and deliver personalized experiences to your callers, all at a fraction of the cost. We help you grow your business and free up your time.

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We aren't a typical Virtual Receptionist company like others.

We specialize in the different industries, so our clients get their questions answered faster. Faster answers leads to happier clients, and happier clients leads to return business. 

Services that Empower
Your Business

Inbound Calls

Add your personal touch with custom greetings. 

Outbound Calls

Follow-ups, appointment reminders, call-backs: We do it all

Call Screening and Forwarding

No more spam calls. If it's important, we forward it to you.

Call Overflow

We pick up the calls that you are too busy to answer.

Appointment Scheduling

We schedule future calls with clients so you don't have to. 

Call Notes and Summary

We summarize each call and email the details to you after. 

Voicemail Box

Dedicated voicemail box for your business when you aren't available.

Why Choose VETA?

Save Money

Hiring a full time receptionist can cost upwards of $40K/year. With Veta, you only pay for the time you need.

More Time to do What You Love

Less time answering calls, means you can spend more time growing your business.

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We Grow with You

When you start your business, you don’t need 5 receptionists working 9am-5pm. As you grow, we scale our employees up to meet your demands.  

Talk with a Human, not a Robot

Robo-Receptionists can quickly turn away leads, leading to lost business. All of our receptionists are 100% real humans and native English speakers.

Accurate Information

If we don’t know the answer, we will ask you. So your customers will get the most accurate information.

We integrate with your existing phone provider

Unlike other companies, we won’t make your switch to a specific phone provider. We integrate with all major phone providers, so your experience is as seamless as possible. 

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What People Say

As a web design company, it’s important that my receptionist understands some technical language, as well as being a friendly and helpful person. Veta cared enough to learn about my business and is an excellent service for a great price. One less thing to worry about.

J. Rule Owner of Sparrow Websites

Not missing incoming calls is important for me as a cleaning service company. Since using Veta Virtual’s services, I have freed up a lot of my time from picking up customer calls to be able to grow my business and I generated a higher revenue than ever before.

A. Lai Co-owner of Clean That